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Valais Escalade is a unique and independent school run by Lionel Bonvin, who is passionate about climbing.

Valais Escalade

"I'd love to share that passion and drive you to the top of a cliff, but my real goal is to get you there one day alone."

Lionel Bonvin

Behind Valais Escalade,
two guys with the same passion.

Lionel Bonvin

Climbing allows me to surpass myself, to discover magnificent landscapes, to be in communion with the nature that surrounds me and to share emotions with my climbing partners and now my clients.


Originally from Valais, I have been skiing since I was very young. I then perfected my snowboarding skills and discovered the high mountains and freeride competitions. Adventurous, calm and reserved, I aspire to live from my passions and pass them on.

Lessons of the moment

What's up ?

I regularly update the destinations and trainings I offer, take a look at this section often!
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With a federal climbing instructor's certificate, we guarantee your safety
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Climbing lovers, we like to share our knowledge
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Thanks to our experience, we take you off the crowded tracks
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Contact me !

Lionel Bonvin,
Climbing Instructor
CIME Instructor
+41 78 899 20 69

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